12307576_10156227092315285_5981279938508562788_oCiao Amici! Are you as excited as I am to start shopping for craft supplies on Black Friday? I’ve got some sneak peeks at some incredible deals coming this week, along with a chance to win a pair of Golden Scissors from Blitsy! Why would you want a pair of Golden Scissors? Because that’s your entry for a chance to win $1000 to spend at Blitsy or a year’s worth of craft supplies!

Are you excited yet? You have 14 chances to win a pair of Blitsy Golden Scissors. Just visit each blog in our Blog Hop, check out the sales sneak peeks, and leave a comment on each post. One winner will be chosen from each blog, and the grand prize winners will be chosen from the Golden Scissors winners.

Some of you may be stopping here after visiting the Blitsy blog. Welcome! After checking out my crafty corner, please head over to Inky Fairy Designs to say hello to Carissa and check out her post HERE. (But don’t forget to leave a comment here before you go!)

I’m really excited about the sneak peeks I get to share with you. I recently ordered a Silhouette Cameo from Blitsy, and I just received it. These Black Friday deals will help me stay well supplied with gear for my Cameo.


  • First up is Silhouette Cameo Cutting Mat-12″X12″ . This deal will be running Friday for $7.99 (reg MSRP $14.99).
  • Another great deal is the Silhouette Replacement Blade, on sale Friday for $6.49 (reg MSRP $12.99). Score!!
  • One more hot product on sale is the Bistro Chalk Marker 6mm Bullet Tip-White. This sale runs on Black Friday for $1.75 (reg MSRP $3.59).


There are a few other sales I’ll be keeping an eye on, too. On Friday, Mod Podge Formulations, Tools & Accessories will be on sale. I loooove to work with Mod Podge! Here are some project ideas for you to consider trying after you’ve stocked up at the Blitsy sale.


One last sneak peek: on Saturday, Mason Jars & Accessories will be on sale! Check out these mason jar gift ideas, then grab a few jars at the Black Friday sale! There will be new sales launching Black Friday at 12am CST, Saturday 6am CST, Sunday 6am CST, and Cyber Monday 6am CST.

Have fun shopping! Leave a comment on this post, telling me what deals you’re looking forward to, then visit Inky Fairy Designs for another chance to win a pair of Golden Scissors. Commenting/entries open until 7pm CST on Thanksgiving. Winners will be announced during the #blitsysleepover Pajama Party and posted on the Blitsy Blog. Good luck!


  1. Hey Morena, You said sale?! I’m definitely in for any sale, especially a Blitsy sale!! I love Mod Podge too! Thanks for sharing. Love ya’

  2. LOVE Mason Jars!!! Must remember to add them to my wish list! Hoping to score some Golden Scissors too! off to hop some more!

  3. Wow! Silhouette stuff for sure is on my list along with a whole lotta stuff. Bout to go real broke. Oh well, c’est la vie!

  4. I’ve recently gotten into using Mod Podge by making letter signs out of cut 2X4’s so I’m looking forward to those deals! Cheers all!

  5. Love the Mod Podge as well as your blog. Great ideas, I will definitely be following your blog from now on.

    Thanks so much.

  6. Congrats on the Cameo! I have a Pazzles and it is the best thing that ever happened to my craft room! Using my Pazzles and the Bistro chalk marker I can make chalkboard signs that don’t look like a kindergartner did them. I’m really looking forward to ALL the great sales.

  7. Of these deals I’m most looking forward to the Silhouette replacement blades! Definitely something to stock up on!

  8. love the minion, what a cute idea! we love to come up with gifts using mason jars, cookie mixes, manicure set, sugar scrub etc

  9. Hi Morena! I love that minion jar- how stinkin’ cute is that! I love working with mason jars for my neighbor gifts. So, I need to stock up on those masonjars.

  10. I absolutely love that Christmas napkin. It’s just gorgeous & to think it was made with Mod Podge. I really need to try that. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful projects. Have fun with your Cricut!!

  11. I don’t own a Silhouette (yet =) I’m sure it is just a matter of time!) But, I do still have an antique version of am electronic die cutting machine – Cricut Expression. From what I understand, the Silhouette mats will work in it too…YAY!! For that price I will try it!

  12. I love to work with Modge Podge. I’ll be checking out that sale.
    The mason jars look like a fun project. I’m not sure what the yellow guys name is (my OLD) but it is cute on the jar. I’ve seen several different ideas for jars and I’d like to try them out.
    thanks for sharing some great sales.

  13. I love all the projects and can’t decide which is my favorite but loving that napkin (for table) and the minion (my grandson loves minions) so why pick? I’m loving them both! I am also shocked to see the price for the Silhouette and accessories since they are less than I imagined they would be. I already have a cutter, Mod Podge, and mason jars but what I really need is the Bistro Chalk Markers. I bought chalkboard paper a long time ago and don’t own any chalk markers so that is going down on my wishlist.

  14. That napkin is amazing but I love the minion jar too. I’m looking forward to the Bistro chalk markers and Mod Podge items (all for making holiday gifts).

  15. Love the Mason Jar so cute. Thanks for sharing can’t wait to try something like this for my daughter who loves them.

  16. Such beautiful ideas. I haven’t tried Mod Podge yet, but this sale looks like the perfect time. Such an adorable idea with The mason jars. The napkin was absolutely beautiful. And I really enjoyed the sled tags too. Thanks for the cute ideas. Looks like my Blitsy list is far exceeding my finances sadly. I NEED a pair of Golden Scissors Pretty Please!! It would certainly make my Christmas.

  17. I have a sillhouette too, can always use a replacement blade! I love your minion jar! Great prices on everything I have seen so far…this could be trouble!

  18. Hi, Morena! I’m really looking forward to learning to mod pudge. I’m already into papercraftning so it’s a natural progression! LOL

  19. Hey, Morena! I’m really looking forward to seeing some mod pudge projects. I’m already into papercraftning so it’s a natural progression! LOL

  20. So super excited for those mason jars!! They are going to be perfect for some of my crafty goodies!

  21. My Grandsons would LOVE the Minion Mason Jars!!
    I am looking forward to any Sales on Coloring ex: Books, Colored Pencils, Markers, Pens, etc.
    WINNING a pair of the GOLDEN Scissors would be Pure AWESOMENESS!!
    T*H*A*N*K*S for the Chances to ((( WIN )))

  22. Oh my… So many lovely temptations to be found here… Mod Podge is always good to stock up on. And the Mason jars… They look so adorable.
    I love the examples of your art you showed.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs from Monica….. Spain

  23. Thank you for the idea! My boys and I are going to create the minion jars and put homemade sweets inside for gifts!

  24. It’s A Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!
    My Cameo is a pretty new-to-me tool – LOVE IT and LOVE that you have some Silhouette ESSENTIALS in your bargains to share. MUST-HAVES to me include the Cameo Cutting Mats (YES, mats, at that price I think I should STOCK UP), same goes for the Replacement Cutting Blades. Minions are so popular in our family, so I’m thinking Mason Jars might make their way into my shopping cart too 🙂
    THANK YOU for the chance to win a PRECIOUS pair of GLORIOUS Golden Scissors!!!

  25. Mod podge is my all purpose, go to sealant… And I can always buy some more… And I wouldn’t mind a set of golden scissors….

  26. I love to work with Mod podge! It is my all time favorite craft supply! Will be here on Black Friday! 😉

  27. Love the minion jar. I will be looking at the mason jars during the sale. There is so much you can do with the mason jars

  28. The minion jar is so cute! Now, if I could get past the reverance my Mom and Grandmother had for the “special” canning jars we used, year after year, for peaches, tomatoes, cherries and pears! Ha

  29. I forgot my name in my post, 2 places above! Whoops! Here it is again:
    The minion jar is so cute! Now, if I could get past the reverance my Mom and Grandmother had for the “special” canning jars we used, year after year, for peaches, tomatoes, cherries and pears! Ha

  30. love your minion jar!!! I would also love to win the scissors. in the process I’m super excited about all these new blogs!!

  31. Once I finish this post I’ll definitely be checking out your tutorials on Mod Podge, cos I LOVE that stuff!!!

  32. WOW, I feel like I,m walking in a craft wonderland with crazy prices. Thank you Blitsy and all the wonderful staff!

  33. So excited for this latest Blitsy event! I am meeting so many awesome people! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  34. I can always use new Silhouette replacement mats. It seems they are never sticky enough. I’m thinking there will be some replacement inserts for my Webster Pages planner that I will need!


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