I just love to create with Walnut Hollow rustic pallets!  I’ve been crafting with them to create beautiful, shabby chic home decor that doubles as organization.  I recently made a pretty bathroom organizer from a Walnut Hollow pallet tray, and now I’m getting my craft room organized.  The rustic shutters from Walnut Hollow are PERFECTLY sized for holding all kind of craft supplies.  I’m using mine to organize fabric scraps, but you can also use them for paint, stamps, and other supplies.

Turn Walnut Hollow wood shutters into rustic fabric organization!


step 1Step one:  Stain the unfinished wood shutters.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, since you’ll be painting over it.  I just wanted the wood that peeked through to have an aged look to it.  I used stain cloths to quickly stain the shutters.

step 2Step two:  Paint the shutters with crackle medium.  Apply a thick, even coat, and don’t overwork it by brushing it too much.  Let it dry completely before moving to the next step.

step 3Step three:  Paint the shutters with chalk finish paint.  You’ll see the paint begin to crackle almost immediately!  Let the shutters dry completely.

step 4Step four:  The paint finish looked to new for a piece that was supposed to look worn and aged, but that was easy to fix!  I tinted the varnish with a bit of brown metallic glaze.  Add the varnish to a bowl, then add one drop of glaze at a time until you achieve the desired effect.  Brush the tinted varnish onto the pallet, then wipe it back with a soft cloth.  This will help highlight the crackle finish and give the piece a more rustic appearance.

Turn Walnut Hollow wood shutters into rustic fabric organization!

I attached sawtooth hangers to the backs of the shutters so I can hang them up.  The slats are a great size for storing a variety of craft supplies!  They’re perfect for fat quarters or fabric scraps.  They’d also work great as thread spool holders.  You can place bottles of acrylic paint in the slots, and you could also easily fit alcohol inks, misters, stamps, and lots of other craft supplies in these shutters.  Have fun crafting and getting organized with Walnut Hollow  wood products!

Turn Walnut Hollow wood shutters into rustic fabric organization!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post with Walnut Hollow, but all ideas and opinions are my own.


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