Give worn boots a makeover with paint and fabric.

When the temperature drops, I love to wear boots!  I bought an inexpensive pair of boots last winter that turned out to be crazy comfortable!  Unfortunately, because they *were* cheap, the upper started to fall apart.  Rather than give up on my favorite boots, I decided to update them.  With a little paint and a bit of Cuddle fabric, my boots look new again!

This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I was a contributor.

Give worn boots a makeover with paint and fabric.


Step one:  Clean the boots and paint the lower part of the boot the color you want.  I used So Soft Fabric paint because it doesn’t crack and is made to work on fabric.  Even a year later the paint hasn’t chipped or flaked off at all!

Step two:  Cut the fabric to fit the cuff of the boot.  I used Cuddle Fabric because it looks great and it doesn’t need to be hemmed.  All I had to do was sew the ends together to make a tube.


Step three:  Slide the fabric over the boot.  Use fabric glue or super glue to adhere the fabric to the top of the boots.  I held it in place with mini clothespins.  I also added some glue to the bottom of the fabric to keep it from sliding up when I wear them.  This is the glue I used:

Give worn boots a makeover with paint and fabric.

I love metallics and bright colors, but you could make yours a lot less flashy than I did by using different colors.  I’ve hardly worn my boots because my youngest two keep stealing them and wearing them around the house.  They love the super soft fabric and asked me to make them some boots, too!  How will you update your worn out boots?


  1. Outstanding and extraordinary. Theses boots are made for walking into the Winter Wonderland. (:o)Thanks for participating at the DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge


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