mini easter wreath

Dollar Tree is a great place to find inexpensive styrofoam pieces for crafting.  I like to stock up on the egg shapes when Easter is here.  I combined several small styrofoam pieces to make an adorable mini wreath for Easter.  This is a great stash busting project.  Since the wreath is mini-sized you can use up little ribbon scraps and other embellishments you have.

bunny wreath


  • Foam ring
  • Foam eggs
  • Paint
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Miniatures

step 1e

Step one:  Paint the foam eggs.  I decided to just use purple on my finished wreath.

step 2e

Step two:  Wrap the foam ring with festive green yarn.

step 3e

Step three:  Hot glue the miniatures to the wreath.  I added beads to a mini basket to look like eggs.

step 4e

Step four:  Glue the eggs onto ribbon and glue the ribbons to the back of the wreath.

easter wreath

Finish by embellishing the wreath with a bow and tiny flowers. This would be cute on a dorm door, in a window, on an office bulletin board, or any other small space that could use some cheer! Have fun crafting, creating, and decorating!

mini wreath craft



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