Pac Man Car Decals DIY

I finally caved and bought a “new” car to replace my 11 year old ride. That meant I needed new vinyl stickers for my car! The first set I ever made was when I first got my Silhouette cutting machine, and I was expecting child #4. I bought a pre-designed set that was cute but common. Since then, I’ve been designing my own. I love retro and “old school” pop imagery, so I turned to my favorite arcade game for my inspiration. Since I have 4 kids it seemed like a no-brainer to make Pac-Man family vinyl decals for my car!

PS…if you’re crazy about Pac-Man, too, then you’ll love this blanket I made!


Step one: Download and open the free template. You can find both the .svg and the .pdf files HERE to download for free.

Step two: Cut the designs from white vinyl.

Step three: Weed the vinyl to remove the ghost and Pac-Man shapes. Place them on a craft mat.

Pac Man Car Decals DIY Pac Man Car Decals DIYPac Man Car Decals DIY

Step four: Use alcohol inks to paint the vinyl. Pick up a bit of ink with the foam square and dab it on the vinyl. Let the ink dry completely.

Step five: Clean the glass of the car well. Peel the backing off the vinyl ghosts and Pac-Men and adhere them as desired. Smooth out any air bubbles. Peel the backing off the white vinyl eyes and add them to the ghosts.

My kids LOVE our Pac-Man family car vinyl! They’ve each decided which color they are. Of all the car decals I’ve made, I think this one is their favorite. My favorite is still the zombie decals I created in this post, but I also really liked my Muppet vinyl decals shared in this post. My youngest has requested Minion vinyl decals next! I’ll try my best to oblige!

I’m joining with several other craft bloggers to share fun Silhouette projects with you!

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    • My windows are tinted very dark, so that’s the black you see. If you’re windows aren’t as dark then you’ll need to cut circles from black vinyl.

  1. I was unable to open the file.i even tried to extract wouldn’t work.i need this PAC man family file😭


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