Guys can be hard to craft for, but many products you may already have in your craft stash can be adapted to use for men’s gifts. Vintaj blanks are beautiful for necklaces, but they can also be used for masculine designs, like this key chain.  This personalized gift would make a great gift for father’s day.

This post first appeared at Blitsy, where I was a Blitsy Blogger.


  • Vintaj Blanks
  • Stamping Block
  • Metal Stamps
  • Stamping Tape
  • Vintaj Patina
  • Keychain

Step one: Use the tape to help space the letters equally. Stamp “Dad” on the first line, followed by “Est XXXX” and insert the year that his first child was born.  You can embellish the blank with symbols, like the fun star shaped stamp from ImpressArt that I used.

Step two: Add Vintaj Patina to the lettering, and wipe off the excess with a soft, dry cloth.  The patina will stay in the stamped letters but will come off the rest of the blank.  Polish the blank to remove excess patina and fingerprints.

Step three: Attach the blank to a keychain. Open the jump ring, attach it to the blank, and close the jump ring.

What dad wouldn’t love this personalized key chain gift?  With all the different blanks available you could make this in any color or size for the guys in your life.  Have fun crafting and creating!


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