Make metal flower photo holders.

Like many of you, I like a good deal and I’m choosy about which craft tools I’ll invest it.  I try to stick with items that have more than one use.  At first glance, the large pinecone die by Tim Holtz might seem like a seasonal item, but it’s one that can be used year round.  This die also makes gorgeous flowers!  I used it with craft metal to make beautiful, vintage looking flower photo holders.

Make metal flower photo holders.


Step one:  Cut the pinecone from the craft metal sheet.  I used my Big Shot.

Step two: Use alcohol ink to stain the edges of the pinecone, just to add some depth and dimension to the flower.

Step three:  Use a toothpick to curl back the edges of each petal.

Step four:  Starting at the end, begin wrapping the metal around a narrow paintbrush end.  Continue until you reach the circle at the end of the die cut.  You will glue this to the base to hold the flower together.  Shape the flower as needed so it sits flat on a surface.

Make metal flower photo holders.

Use hot glue to attach the memo pin to the center of the flower.  I embellished mine with images from an Ideology Ephemera Pack, but you can use personal photos or mementos.  Wouldn’t these make really fun place card holders, or pretty little memo holders for your desk?  There are lots of different, fun ways to use these metal flower photo holders.  Have fun crafting and creating!

Make metal flower photo holders.

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