fishbowl centerpiece

Even though I don’t live near the ocean, I’m an island girl at heart.  I absolutely love the ocean, hearing the waves, and spending days on the beach.  Since the beach is several hours away (and, let’s be honest, Texas beaches are not the best in the world!) I have to settle for bringing a bit of the beach home.  Coastal themed decor is a great way to incorporate beach items into your decorating, and summertime is the perfect time for maritime themed items.  Here’s how you can take an old fish bowl and turn it into a catalog worthy centerpiece, for just a few bucks.

diy centerpiece


  • Fish Bowl
  • Metal Decorative Strip
  • Candle
  • Sand and shells


I found the decorative metal strip at Michael’s craft stores.  It’s easy to cut and work with, but you’ll need super glue to hold it together!  The sand and shells were part of my craft stash, but I have found decorative sand at Dollar Tree.

step 1

Step one:  Cut the metal strip to fit the top and bottom of the bowl.  Use super glue to attach the two ends together.  I used tape to hold the ends together while the glue set.

step 3

Step two:  Fill the bowl with decorative sand or small gravel, and place a candle in the center.  I used a battery operated candle so I wouldn’t end up with melted wax all over my shells later.

Step three:  Fill the space around the candle with shells and other sea items.

beachy centerpiece

This simple fish bowl is completely transformed when you add the metal strip.  I’ve seen bowls like this go for over $20 in catalogs!  These centerpieces would look great at any summer party, and you could inexpensively make several at one time.  Change them up a little by adding decorative stones instead of sand, or use sea glass instead to add a little color.  Have fun crafting, creating, and decorating!

This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I was a contributor.


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