step 1

Step one: Pour a generous amount of tinted Mod Podge into the cleaned glass jars. Swirl the Mod Podge around inside the jar, and turn the jar upside down over a plastic cup so the excess drips out. You can save the excess to use for another project. Allow the tint to dry. It takes a little over 24 hours to dry completely. I set my jars outside in the sun to speed drying time.


  1. Can I tint my regular modpodge with acrylic paint for example?? Tinted modpodge is not available here.

    Ps: please email me

  2. I use food coloring myself. I will make a couple of jars blue, then add red food coloring to the left over mod to make purple or do some in yellow, add blue to make lime green, then red to make a darker green a et. Have fun.


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