tinted bottle diy

Step four: Wrap a piece of twine multiple times around the neck of the bottle. Tie a key or key charm onto the twine.

These charming little bottles would look so cute on a vanity, don’t you think? Mine are going on the bookcases in my living room. They’ll add a pretty spot of color to my dark wood shelves. Where will you display your bottle art? Have fun crafting and creating!

tinted glass

I first published this post at Blitsy, when I was on their design team.


  1. Can I tint my regular modpodge with acrylic paint for example?? Tinted modpodge is not available here.

    Ps: please email me

  2. I use food coloring myself. I will make a couple of jars blue, then add red food coloring to the left over mod to make purple or do some in yellow, add blue to make lime green, then red to make a darker green a et. Have fun.


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