Step four:  Glue the medium lid inside the largest box, as pictured.  Glue the medium box onto the top of that lid.

Step five:  Glue the smallest lid inside the medium box, and glue the smallest box onto the top of the smallest lid.

It’s kind of like a nesting doll, isn’t it?Stacking and nesting the boxes this way creates a nice tower.  The spacing is just the right size for pencils, crayons, and thin markers.  The box at the top is perfect for rulers, sharpeners, glue sticks, scissors, and other large school supplies.  I’m keeping my caddy on our work table, so everything is within easy reach for homework (or crafting!) time.  This would also be a cute gift to give to a teacher.  Fill it with supplies for a year and help the teacher start the year with lots of supplies!


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