Step four:  Cut circles out of the orange crepe paper sheet.  I used  a paper punch, but you can also trace and cut the circles.  If you use a paper punch, you will need to place a piece of card stock behind the tissue paper before you punch cut it.  This will keep the crepe paper from tearing.  Use Mod Podge to stick the orange circles to the “body”, and seal the entire ball with Mod Podge.

step 3 spider

Step five:  Use an awl to make holes in the small foam ball.  Carefully screw the eyes in place.  Use a toothpick to attach the head to the body.

step 4 spider

Step six:  Curl the ends of the crazy stems around a round object, and bend the stem at the other end.  Use an awl or sharp tool to make 8 holes in the body.  Carefully insert the end of the crazy stem in the hole that you just made.

large spider DIY

The legs are easy to adjust, and you will need to arrang them until the spider is standing up.  You can’t see this in pictures, but it sways back and forth a bit as people walk by it, which makes it even creepier.  This spider decor would make an awesome table centerpiece, or even place the spider over your  candy bowl to guard it!  Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!

DIY big spider

This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, when I was on the Design Team.


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