ginger-sushi wasabi-diy

STEP FOUR:  Cut a one inch strip of Oly-Fun in Kiwi. Fold the strip in half and begin winding it into a circle. Pull the center up slightly to make a cone shape. Use hot glue on the bottom to hold it in place. This is the “wasabi”.

STEP FIVE:  Cut a zig zag shape from the Pine Oly-Fun to make nori for the ginger and wasabi to rest on. Hot glue the Pine strip to a plastic headband, then glue the other two items on top.

STEP SIX:  Cut a wide belt from the Pine Oly-Fun fabric. Make it wide enough and long enough to fit the wearer. Hot glue it onto the “sushi” strip. Use velcro or a safety pin to hold the belt in place.

This post first appeared at Fairfield World, where I am a Master Maker.