Step three: Set the project aside to dry. Drying time varies based on the size of the project, but it takes at least 1-2 days to dry, and longer for big projects. I found that placing the bottles in a sunny location speeds up the drying time.  I’ve also learned that if I place the bottle in a cool oven, set the oven to 200 degrees, and bake for 15-20 minutes, the Mod Podge will dry quickly.


Larger bottles, like this Pottery Barn inspired jug, make great stand alone pieces. This faux wine jug would look great as above the counter kitchen decor. Smaller pieces, like the trio of bottles pictured below, can be arranged to make tablescapes or mantle decor.


I tinted two wine bottles orange and painted a tomato sauce bottle gold to create this centerpiece. Wrap a bit of twine around the necks of the bottles, arrange them on a wood disc, and finish it off with some fall foliage (link) to create a pretty fall tablescape. When Christmas rolls around, tint bottles red, and there’s even pink tint for Valentine’s day. Have fun crafting with recyclables!

If you enjoyed this project, check out my mini tinted bottle decor!

This post first appeared at Craft Unleashed when I was on their design team.



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