These cool cats want to hang out with you this Halloween!  This fun project would be perfect for the whole family to craft together.

DIY Black Cat Pumpkins

Supplies Used:

  • Americana® Outdoor Decou-Page™
  • Americana® Multi-Surface Acrylics:  Eggplant, Lavender Fields, Pumpkin Patch
  • Patio Paint Outdoor™:  Grey Skies , Wrought Iron Black
  • 9″ foam pumpkin
  • 6″ foam pumpkin
  • foam pumpkin (small)
  • feathers/boas
  • battery-operated tealight
  • paper mache shape (witch’s hat)
  • gourd
  • felt


NOTES: Let dry completely between painting steps. For best results, display under a covered porch or protected outdoor area.

pumpkin-head-1 pumpkin-head-2 tail painted-face hat-1 hat-2

  1. Cut a hole in the base of both of the small pumpkins.
  2. Use a craft knife to carve out the cat eyes on one of the small pumpkins.
  3. Paint all four of the pumpkins with Patio Paint Wrought Iron Black. Paint a small gourd in Wrought Iron black to use as the tail for one of the cats.
  4. Use a pencil to draw a face on the small, uncut pumpkin. Outline and fill in the design with a #3 round brush and Grey Skies.
  5. Paint the entire witch’s hat in Americana Multi-Surface Lavender Fields using a 1″ flat brush. Once dried, apply painter’s tape to make stripes on the brim of the hat. Paint strips with Eggplant. Carefully remove tape while paint is still wet.
  6. Use the round end of the paint brush to create dots in Pumpkin Patch. Paint star stickers in Pumpkin Patch. When dry, attach stickers to top of hat. For added adhesion, apply a coat of Decou-Page on bottom and top of stickers. Or, hand-paint stars on the hat. Embellish hat as desired with jute ribbon.
  7. Assemble the small cat by using E6000 to adhere the head and tail to the body. Cut triangles from stiff felt and adhere them to the head. Assemble the larger cat by adhering a piece of a feather boa as the tail. Adhere the head onto body and hat onto head. Insert a battery light into the larger cat’s head to make it glow.


I originally published this tutorial on the DecoArt site.



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