Step one:  Paint the unfinished Walnut Hollow wood skull with a base color.  I used a pretty sea foam paint.  To speed painting time, I first covered the unfinished wood surface with gesso.  This step is optional, but I like doing it so I have a good base for my paint.  I’ve found that when I use gesso first I only need one application of the multi surface paint to good good coverage.

Step two:  Mix a small amount of the Texture Glass with a bit of paint.  Texture Glass creates a glass like finish, and by tinting it you can create high gloss, relief designs on your project.


Step three:  Place the desired stencil on the painted skull, and carefully smooth the tinted texture paste over the stencil.  Remove the stencil and let the design dry.  When it is dry, seal the project with Triple Thick Glaze.


Step four:  Make two large flowers from fabric.  I used a flower die to die cut Oly*Fun fabric, which is a waterproof,  non fraying fabric.  Roll and make the flowers, and glue a cabochon in the center of each flower.  Glue the flower into the eye sockets of the skull.


Step five:  Cut a 12 inch piece of rope.  Tie a knot in the center, and twist a piece of craft wire into each half of the rope.  This will make it easier to shape the rope.  Bend the rope into a circe shape, and glue the ends behind the base of the skull.

Step six: I nailed a photo hanger to the back of my sugar skull door knocker.  I then tied a bit of twine through the photo hanger so I could place the hanger on my door using a wreath hanger.


For more sugar skull craft tutorials, check out THIS project. Looking for more fun Halloween decor ideas?  See more of my tutorials HERE.

This post first appeared at the Walnut Hollow blog where I am on the creative team.


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