Step two:  Download and choose your favorite designs from Christmas Design Bundle at Font Bundles.  I combined a beautiful snowflake background with a hand drawn pug image, then added a phrase tag that matched the theme.


Step three:  Reverse the image so that when you print it you will have a mirror image.  Print your image on a COLOR COPIER.  I sent mine to an office supply store to have it printed.  This is the best way to ensure bright, crisp, non smearing color when you transfer the image.

step-3 step-3b

Step four:  Trim the image to fit the tray.  Paint over the image with Mod Podge Transfer medium.  You want to apply an even layer that covers the picture.


Step five:  Place the image painted side down on the wood tray.  Smooth out any air bubbles, and let it dry completely.


Step six:  Once the paper is dry, it’s time to remove the paper and reveal the transferred image.  Wet the paper one section at a time, then carefully rub to peel the paper away.  I have a Mod Podge Transfer  where I show you step by step how to transfer an image with Mod Podge.  Click HERE to see that video tutorial.


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