Ornament Bag Tutorial

Note: Place a piece of cardboard inside the bag before beginning. This will keep the paint and glue from seeping through to the other side of the bag.
1. Make lines on the bag with washi tape.  You could use stencil tape, too, but I like to work with whatever I have, and washi tape helps me paint clean, crisp lines.
2. Paint the bag with red craft paint. Let it dry and remove the washi tape to reveal the candy stripe lines.
3. Die cut ornaments from heat set vinyl and iron them onto the bag, as decribed above.

You can cut two sheets of vinyl at once with most dies, which makes it very easy to quickly produce several gift bags. With the huge variety of dies available you’ll be able to create almost any gift bag you like! Have fun crafting and creating with dies and vinyl!

I originally published this tutorial at Crafts Unleashed when I was on their design team.




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