Step one: Die cut multiple snowflakes from the adhesive backed foam. I cut about 30 snow flakes using all the different sized dies in the pack.

wreath part 1

Step two: Peel the backing from the die cut felt snowflakes and press them onto the wreath. Start with the larger snowflakes, then fill in the gaps with the smaller snowflakes.

wreath part 2

Step three: Cut a piece of black felt that is about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Hot glue the black felt around the middle of the egg. Cut several slits in the felt as pictured. Hot glue each strip onto the egg to cover the back of the egg.

wreath part 3

Step four: Cut an oval from the white felt. I used the mid sized oval from THIS Darice nested die pack. Hot glue it onto the front of the egg.  I cut a few slits as pictured so that the white felt wouldn’t pucker up and look bumpy.

wreath part 4

Step five: Cut oval wings, heart shaped feet, a triangle beak, and circle eyes to finish the penguin.

Step six: Hot glue the penguins onto the snowflake covered wreath.  You can place them side by side or stack them to create a more layered look.

Make a designer inspired penguin winter wreath.

I’m tempted to add cute felt scarves to my penguins so they can stay warm. Should I? Have fun crafting and creating this cute penguin winter wreath for your home!



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