How to make the Referee Napkin holder:

  1. Cut a piece of black fabric to cover the container.  Hot glue it onto the container.
  2. Cut one inch wide white strips.  Hot glue them onto the container.  I doubled the strips to provide better coverage.

Football party decor is quick and easy to make when you use Oly-Fun non fraying fabric. These no sew projects are perfect for Super Bowl.

How to make the Centerpiece:

  1. Cut a piece of Oly-Fun to fit around a round plastic tub.
  2. Hot glue the fabric to the top edge of the container, to make a “skirt” around it.
  3. Cut one inch pieces of Snow White Oly-Fun, and double them up.  Hot glue them onto the front of the container to make the ball’s laces.
  4. Use the container as a beverage holder or as a centerpiece.
  5. To make a centerpiece, fill the container with a styrofoam ring, add moss over the ring, then  fill the center of the ring with flowers and other football themed items.



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