DIY Twister Game: Summer Fun for the Family

Keep the kids entertained this summer with a DIY Twister game!  Easy to make project.  This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.
Games are a great way to keep kids busy during the summer!  I decided to introduce my kids to one of my favorite childhood games, Twister!  It took less than an hour to make this colorful game that my kids are enjoying a LOT.
Supplies Used to Make a DIY Twister Game: (affiliate links)
Step one:  Trace a ten inch plate on Oly-Fun fabric.  You will need 24 circled in total: 6 each of four different colors.  The colors I used were Cherry Pop, Kiwi, Orange Crush, and Jelly.
Step two:  Cut out all the circles.
Step three:  Use the scrap fabric from step two, and trace one inch circles on the fabric.  This time you will need 4 circles from each of the colors, for a total of 16 colors.
Step four:  Unroll the Oly-Fun fabric from the bolt.  Cut a piece that is 5.5 feet long.
Step five: Unfold the fabric that was on the bolt.  Arrange the 24 large circles into four rows of six evenly spaced circles.
Step six: Use adhesive to attach the circles to the backing.  I used a spray adhesive on the flat circles, but had to use a low temp glue gun for the folded pieces that kept lifting away from the backing.
Step seven:  Divide a piece of cardboard into four even sections.  Arrange the small circles on a piece of cardboard.  I used my Xyron sticker maker to add adhesive to the fabric and stick them onto the cardboard.  Use a small brad to attach a clock arm (or spinner) to the cardboard.
I love that this game gets my kids off the couch and moving.  Plus, it’s easy to roll up and store for later.  Have fun crafting and creating games for your family this summer!



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