Step one: Paint the box with Color Shift paint in Aqua Flash.  This shimmery metallic color changes tone slightly as you view it from different angles.  I let one application dry before adding the next layer.
Step two:  I chose sweet picture of our puppy, Xena, and converted it to a black and white image.
Step three:  Print the image out.  I used a special paper for image transfers made by Tom Palissade.  His paper peels off in one piece so you don’t have to rub paper off.  You can also do this project with regular copy paper (see HERE for details).
Step four:  Fussy cut the image out.
Step five:  Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the image.  Make it thick enough that it is hard to see the image through the Mod Podge.
Step six:  Place the paper image side down on the box.  Smooth out any bubbles and squeeze out the excess Mod Podge. Let the paper dry completely (usually overnight).


  1. NO, I’ve not yet tried to do a screen transfer but I’m looking forward to it. I silk screened in high school art glass and really enjoyed that type of art


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