Use stencils to quickly create a fun and inexpensive stenciled pet bed. This is sponsored post with Stencil Stop.
This stenciled pet bed is so easy to make on your own!
Towards the end of last year my kids and I fell in love with a little puppy at our local animal shelter.  We had been checking the shelter every few days to find a companion for our lone dog, Nacho.  I was insistent that I did NOT want a puppy.  They are destructive, have to be house trained, and I already had enough work to do with four kids at home.  Then we saw her.  She was little, scared, and looked a lot like Nacho.  It was love at first sight.  That’s how Xena came home with us.
Yes, house training her was a lot of work.  And, yes, she is a chewer.  She is almost one year old and I’ve lost track of how many pet beds she’s destroyed.  My solution has been to stuff thrifted pillowcases and extra large t-shirts with old towels and blankets.  She still tears them up, but we don’t have pillow fluff and foam pieces strewn all over the porch and yard.  I can just stuff the towels back into the case for her to tear up the next day.
The lovely folks at Stencil Stop offered me the opportunity to try out one of their custom made stencils.  I went with a phrase from one of my favorite songs and asked them to surprise me.  “What a Wonderful World” indeed!
The stencil is HUGE and high quality.  It’s much sturdier than many of the ones you buy in store.  I’m already trying to think of other designs to order from them.  I used my stencil to update my suitcase pet bed, and we’re giving YOU a chance to win your own custom stencil.  Please visit me on Instagram for multiple chances to enter to win!
Here’s how I made a stenciled pet bed by using a pillow case, my custom stencil, and spray on paint:
Stencil Stop also sent me a custom frame mat with the same phrase.  It was perfect for framing my son’s PK graduation picture!
To learn more about the affordable, custom made stencils at Stencil Stop, visit them at the following links.  Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram to enter for a chance to win a custom stencil of your own!  Contest ends 7/1/17.
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