Step one:  Remove the string from the end of the paddle.  You can discard it.
Step two:  Paint the oar. I used milk paints from Plaid Crafts to get a matte finish. I used a deep blue color on one oar and an off white paint on the other oar.  Let the paint dry completely.
Step three:  Place the desired stencil on the oar and use stencil tape to hold it in place.  I used some nautical stencils from Plaid Crafts.
Step four:  Use a sponge to dab paint over the stencil to create the design. Dab the sponge in the paint, blot off the excess paint on a paper towel, and then dab over the stencil. I use  multiple light applications to avoid paint “bleeding” under the stencil.  Tip: I like to paint over the stencil with the base paint color first to help “seal” the edges and reduce paint bleeding under the stencil.


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