Use VW bus fabric to give an old bench new life! 

Use VW bus fabric to give an old bench new life! 

You might recognize this VW bus fabric from THIS fabric and resin serving tray that I made for Terry Fabrics some time ago.  I just adore this print, and decided it would be perfect for a big, comfy bench on my back porch.

Here’s the before and after.  What a difference a color and fabric choices make!  I think the bench was too dark and sooooo boring before.  Now the lines really stand out thanks to the bright colors used.  before after bench makeover.  Use VW bus fabric to give an old bench new life! 

Supplies used to make the VW Bus Fabric Bench:

  • Bench
  • 5 inch project foam
  • VW Bus Fabric
  • Spray paint

Step one: Clean the bench. Sand it if needed to remove peeling paint. I used Krylon Max spray paint in Ocean Breeze (i’m obsessed with this color!) This paint has primer and sealer built in, so it reduces time on this part of the project.

Step two: Cut the foam to size. I use a permanent marker to draw the cut line on all sides of the foam. I use an electric (meat cutting) knife to cut the foam.  This is the perfect way to cut foam easily and cleanly.

cut cushion

Step three:  Sew a tube of fabric to wrap the foam rectangle with.


Step four:  Cut rectangles of Oly*Fun Fabric to fit the ends of the cushion.  Pin the fabric in place, sew the edges together, and trim.  This will leave the cushion with raw edges, which I think adds to the rustic charm of the piece.

frayed edges

My dog is in love with this bench.  He sleeps here instead of his dog bed now!

side cushion

I just love this fun fabric print and the bright color.  Perfect for summer, in my opinion!bench makeover

This project was originally published on the Fairfield World site, where I am a Master Maker.



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