Step six:  Cut a piece of fabric so it is at least twice the length and width  of your arms.
Step seven:  Hot glue the edge of the fabric together.  Turn the tube inside out. Make two tubes for the arms. Cut the holes for the arms.  Hot glue them in place.
sleeve-2 sleeve-4
Step eight:  Cut white circles for the eyes and hot glue them in place.  Cut black circles for the eyes as well as a mouth.  Hot glue them in place.
eyes-and-moutheyes2 mouth
The white Oly-Fun fabric isn’t sheer enough for walking safely.  I made small holes in the eyes later so I could move around without assistance.  You could also use a more sheer white fabric if you prefer.
Simply slip this costume over your head and start dancing! You won’t be able to stop laughing!  Have fun crafting and creating your costume for Halloween!
This post first appeared at the Fairfield World site where I am a Master Maker.



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