Make a DIY ottoman by using thrift store furniture.  This is a sponsored post with Goodwill San Antonio but all ideas and opinions are my own.

My family is so lucky to have a movie room in our house.  It used to be the play room, but as the kids have gotten older I’ve turned it into a movie and gaming room.  The room is a miss mash of furniture finds from Goodwill San Antonio that I update with paint, cushions, and fabric.  My color scheme is red, black, white, and animal print.  Groovy, baby!  (You might remember my suitcase side table that I shared HERE.)

This solid wood table I found at Goodwill San Antonio was a great find.  Super price and in excellent condition, it was the perfect base for this ottoman project.  This piece is probably the most used piece of furniture in the room.  You will always find someone lounging on it or using it as a table for snacks.  Here’s how easy it is to turn a small table into a chic piece of home  decor.

Supplies Used to Make this DIY Ottoman:

  • Thrifted Table from Goodwill San Antonio
  • Shannon Cuddle Fabric Zebra Print
  • Staple Gun
  • Foamology Cushion Foam
  • Evergreen Batting
  • Spray Paint
  • Glitter Paint

Step one:  Spray paint the table Cherry Red.  Paint over that with multiple applications of glitter paint to achieve the desired finish.

Step two:  Glue the cushion foam to the top of the table.

Step three:  Place the batting over the foam and stretch it under the table.  Use a staple gun to attach the batting to the table.

Step four:  Lay the cuddle fabric on a flat surface and place the table upside down on top of it.  Staple the sides of the fabric to the table first.  To keep the fabric from bunching, just put one staple on each side.  Check to make sure the fabric is still centered and taut, then staple each side of fabric to the table.

For the corners, first pull the corner of the fabric to the table and staple it.  Then fold the right side of the fabric down and staple it.  Repeat with the left.  The nice thing with using Cuddle Fabric is it is forgiving and doesn’t show the folded edges as much as other fabrics.

Step five:  Trim off the excess fabric.  If the edges are hidden under the table, you are done.  If the edges are showing, you can hide them by stapling trim over the edge.

Make a DIY ottoman by transforming thrift store furniture.  In a few simple steps you'll have new furniture for much less than buying new!

The foam is firm yet comfortable, and the fabric is super duper soft.  My kids love this DIY Ottoman!  And I love that I could make it with thrifted furniture instead of buying something new (and expensive!).  For more of my Goodwill San Antonio craft and DIY project ideas, click HERE.



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