Step one:  Brush gold glitter paint in random spots over the white fur. (I think this gives it a cool animal print look!) I used a paint that is made for fabric so that it will dry with a soft feel and so that it won’t flake off when the pillow is used.  Let the paint dry before moving to step 2.

Step two:  Place the two fur sheets with the right side in.  Make sure that the pile is facing in the same direction for both sheets.

Step three:  Pin three of the sides of the fabric sheets together.  Leave the side with the fur sticking down unpinned.

Step four:  Sew the three sides together.  I decided to hand sew them since the fabric is plush. And because my sewing machine is still in a box in the garage.

Step five:  Remove the pins and flip the fabric inside out to reveal the furry side of the fabric sheets.


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