Step one:  Paint the edges of the unfinished wood panel with metallic gold paint. I used Renaissance Gold by DecoArt. Let the paint dry.


Step two:  Trim a piece of decorative holiday themed paper to fit the front of the wood panel (8 inches by 10 inches).  I used my Creative Station to add permanent adhesive to the back of the paper and to attach it to the wood panel.


Step three:  Arrange the ornaments on the panel to form a  tree shape.  You will need one ornament at the top, then add one ornament to each row, until you reach a row of 5 ornaments.  Place a single ornament at the bottom to make the tree trunk.


Once the ball ornaments are centered and in place, use a pencil to mark where the eye hook will go.  Once you’ve marked all of the spots, remove the ornaments from the panel.


Step four:  Make a small hole where you made the pencil mark.  I used a sharp awl to do this.  Then place the eye hook in the indentation and rotate it slowly.  It will “drill” into the surface.  Repeat until all the eyelets are in place.



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