Make faux gold ornaments to decorate with this Christmas or to use as gift tags.  I originally published this post on the Fairfield World Site as a member of their design team.

When my husband and I got married (21 years ago!) we purchased several flat brass ornaments that I cherish. These ornaments are easy to pack and have survived our many moves across the ocean and the US.  I guess they will be considered vintage someday! My honeymoon year ornaments inspired this project.  These metallic ornaments sparkle light metal, but they are made of fabric so you can easily cut them in any design you like!

Supplies Used to Make Faux Gold Ornaments: (affiliate links included)

Step one:  Peel the backing off one side of the Phoomph sheet.  Place the adhesive side on the gold Oly-Fun fabric and trim off the excess fabric.

Step two:  Peel the backing off the other side of the Phoomph sheet.  Place the adhesive on the gold fabric, as you did in step one.  Trim off the excess fabric.

Step three:  Use your die cutting machine and various dies to cut out the shapes.  I made some traditional ornament shapes, as well as several cute sewing themed shapes like buttons, dress forms, and a sewing machine.

Step four:  Thread a needle with gold floss. Sew through the fabric to dangle pendants from some shapes, as well as to string several of the smaller shapes together.  Use the gold floss to make loops to hang the ornaments from, also.

All that’s left to do is to attach an ornament hook and decorate your space! These lightweight ornaments are perfect for mailing, and great for decorating mini trees or office spaces. Have fun crafting and creating holiday decor!



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