Use printable shaped stickers to create your own photo backdrop! This is a sponsored post with but all ideas and opinions are my own. 
I take a lot of pictures of my projects for my website, and photo backdrops get expensive. One of my favorite inexpensive backdrops is poster board from Dollar Tree. The boards only cost 50 cents each (two for $1) and come in several colors. For my Valentine’s day photos I added printable heart stickers to create a cute, colorful backdrop.
This easy to make photo backdrop is perfect for product photography. Here’s a peek at my photo set up. My backdrop is on the ground with another piece of poster board on the wall to bounce light back. Two lights keep my product and backdrop well lit.
This simple backdrop project is great for not just bloggers but for online sellers, too.  Create eye catching product photos as well as your own graphics to help draw attention to your brand.

Supplies Used to make the Valentine Photo Backdrop:
Step one: Download the free printable with the sweet heart phrases.
Step two: Print the phrases in red on the heart shaped stickers.
Step three: Peel and stick the hearts onto the poster board.
You can cover the entire board with hearts to create a fun backdrop for your photos.  This would work for a photo booth, kid’s Valentine card pictures, and product photos. If you’re selling on Etsy, Ebay, or even OfferUp, a pretty background helps to sell your product.
Another cute idea is to just place the hearts in a triangular shape on one side of the board. Position someone next to the hearts and have them blow onto their hand. The picture looks like they are blowing hearts and sweet messages into the air.
I’m using this as a personalized Valentine  card for my kids to give grandma, but it could be used in lots of different ways. Send customers a thank you message or an e-Valentine with this fun backdrop.
Check out some of the other shaped stickers you can find at You have lots of options for making your own photography backdrops with printable labels!



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