I had so much fun with this paint along party that I had to share the results!  A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in the “Lucky Llama” Paint Along with Plaid Crafts.  What happens is that Plaid Crafts posts an event on their Facebook page telling you what the project is and what supplies they recommend for the class.  If you like, they even bundle all the supplies up for you so that for one price you can get everything that is needed for the class.  Then, tune in with the live video feed on Facebook and follow along!

I received the bundle for the class, so I had everything needed for two people to make the project. I loved that the instructor explained the different brushes and supplies and how we would use them.  I also liked that I could pause the video, save it, and watch it later.  I actually had to finish this over two days, so it was helpful to have the video saved so I could pause and rewatch as needed.

I love the beautiful background we made!  I’ll be using this technique again.

I was really nervous about this class.  I’ve never been very good at drawing so I wasn’t sure how my llama painting would turn out.  The instructor broke it all down into simple shapes that were really easy to understand.  We started with ovals and triangles.

Then we filled in the shapes.  It actually is starting to look like a llama!

I loved the metallic paints we used.

The kit came with adorable tiny foam pouncers that were perfect for making the pom poms on the llama.

Almost done!

I never would have thought to add glitter Mod Podge to a paint project.  It gave the “fur” some texture and shine.

I did it!!  My llama painting is done. I’ve included the video at the top of this post if you want to try this project, too.

I’m really excited about the next class. Check out the “events” under Plaid’s FB page to see what the next project will be so you can join!

If you’re as crazy about llamas as I am, you’ll love these free printable tags I have for you!



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