Make a Valentine Light Bulb box to deliver sweets and treats in!

valentine light bulb gift box

Delight your favorite people on Valentine’s day with this “bright” idea for a present.  This cute gift box will illuminate anyone’s day!  (Get it?) Use a light bulb ornament with some wire to create a cute and unique gift box that you can fill with sweets and small gifts. Here’s how I made my Valentine light bulb gift box.

Supplies Used to Make the Valentine Light Bulb Box:

Paint the entire box plus the lid with pink metallic paint.  Apply the first layer of paint, let it dry, then repeat the second layer of paint.  Be sure to let the paint dry completely before putting the lid back on the box.

Print a paper tag out that says “You Light Up My Life” or a similar message. Trim the tag and glue it to the front of the box.

Cut two pieces of gold craft wire.  Place a glue dot on the end of the craft wire, and attach a gold confetti heard to the wire.  Repeat this with the other side of the wire, so that a heart is visible from any side.

Cut a small piece of scrap foam to fit inside the base of the light bulb ornament.  Press the ends of the two wire pieces into the foam.  Put the heart wires and the foam into the lightbulb.  You can use hot glue to hold the foam in place if needed.

Remove the hanging piece of the light bulb ornament, and replace the base on the bulb.  Hot glue the bottom of the light bulb onto the lid of the box.

valentine light bulb gift boxLove never goes out of style, so you can display this sweet Valentine light bulb box all year round! For another sweet Valentine box tutorial, click here.


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