Make Game of Thrones pillows using this free Silhouette Cut File.

Game of Thrones Pillows DIY with Free Cut File

I made these Game of Thrones pillow cases for my husband for Christmas. We are both big fans of the show, and I thought these lines were kind of romantic. This is a translation of the Dothraki lines that Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo would say to each other:
“moon of my life” and “my sun and stars”. I downloaded a free Game of Thrones font to create the design for these pillows.

Game of Thrones Pillows DIY with Free Cut File

Supplies Used to make Game of Thrones Pillows: (affiliate links included)

Since I made these as a gift and didn’t think about sharing a tutorial (oops!) I don’t have any process pictures. You can see THIS post for step by step instructions on how to use heat transfer vinyl to craft with.

Download my free cut file and cut the design from the gold heat transfer vinyl (HTV). Remember to reverse the image any time you are cutting HTV so the image will appear the correct way on the fabric!

Weed the vinyl to leave just the text and design.

Place the HTV on the pillow cases and cover the plastic cover sheet with a light cloth. Iron firmly and press one section at a time to make sure the vinyl adheres. I found that the glitter HTV takes a bit longer to really stick to the fabric. Repeat until the design is really stuck on.

Let the plastic cool completely before peeling off the cover piece. Then flip the pillow case inside out and iron the design from the back.

Game of Thrones Pillows DIY with Free Cut File

We don’t sleep on these pillows…the glitter HTV is rough. I use the Game of Thrones pillows instead of using shams on our bed, where we will be hanging out waiting for the series premiere on Sunday!


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