This air freshener spray DIY is easy to make. Free printables included with tutorial! This is a sponsored post.

air freshener spray DIY

The holidays are coming up and that means lots of guests, lots of cooking, and lots of different smells. Make your own air freshener spray DIY to help freshen up spaces or to mask smells. These sprays are very easy to make and look really cute with my free printable labels.


air freshener spray DIY

I used perfectly sized oval labels from to give my spray bottles a polished finished look. These labels don’t smear or slide off, and my colors always print vividly on them. I’ve designed a few different fun labels to help you get started with this easy project!

Supplies Used to make this Air Freshener Spray DIY:

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The basic recipe is this:

Add 15-20 drops of the Essential Oils to the spray bottle.

Add a dash of salt to the bottle. This is to help the oil mix with the water. Other options for items that will help keep the oil and water from separating are rubbing alcohol, vodka, and baking soda.

Fill the bottle almost to the top with distilled water (or tap water). Leave room for the spray top!

Shake the bottle vigorously until the salt has dissolved and everything is well mixed.

These are the three air freshener spray DIYs I made:


air freshener spray DIY

15 drops of lavender, 5 drops of Eucalyptus

This creates a calming, soothing scent great for relaxing or for bedtime.

Unicorn Spray

essential oils spray tutorial

15 drops of lemon, 5 drops of sweet orange

I wanted a lively, invigorating scent so I stuck with citrus scents.

Smells Like Christmas

Christmas Spray DIY

15-20 drops peppermint, 3-5 drops tea tree oil

My family said the peppermint spray smelled like minty toothpaste, so I added just a dash of tea tree oil to give it a bit of a Christmas tree scent. It definitely smells like Christmas now!

air freshener spray DIY

These air fresheners were quick and easy to make, and they look so cute with the printable labels on them! What are some of your favorite scent combinations?


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