Make a pumpkin monogram DIY to decorate your walls or door with this fall!

Pumpkin Monogram Fall Wall Decor DIY

My holiday decorating usually starts with the front door.  I love to welcome visitors to my home with a handcrafted piece of decor.  While I do love wreaths, I also like to change things up a bit!  This fall I’m added a pretty wooden pumpkin to my door decor, and personalizing it a bit.  Keep reading to learn how to make this pretty, quick to make fall themed project.

Pumpkin Monogram Fall Wall Decor DIY

Supplies Used to make Pumpkin Monogram Wall Decor:


Step one:  Paint the layered pumpkin with the Ultra Dye: Lady Marmalade.  This dye for wood provides quick coverage and leaves a very brightly colored finish.  Paint the stem of the pumpkin with Ultra Dye:  Solar Power. Let it dry.

Pumpkin Monogram Fall Wall Decor DIY

Step two:  Paint the wood letter with white acrylic paint. Let it dry.

Step three:  Glue the painted wood letter to the front of the layered pumpkin.

Step four:  Create the burlap ribbon bow.  Cut a piece of burlap ribbon that is about 12 inches long.  Fold both ends toward the middle, and crimp the middle of the ribbon with your fingers.  Tie it with a bit of twine.

Step five:  String a piece of twine (the one I used is wired, which made it easy to manipulate) through the center of the bow.  Staple the ends of the twine to the back of the pumpkin to create a  hanger.

Pumpkin Monogram Fall Wall Decor DIY

This pretty, brightly colored piece of fall decor is ready to be displayed!  Add it to your mantle, your photo wall, or hang it on the front door to create a pretty door display.  Have fun crafting and creating with Walnut Hollow!

Pumpkin Monogram Fall Wall Decor DIY

I originally published this post on the Walnut Hollow blog when I was on their design team.


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