This Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece DIY is perfect for decorating your home during the holidays!

christmas sleigh centerpiece DIY

Jazz up an unfinished wood sled to create holiday decor that is elegant and beautiful.  This vibrant centerpiece is perfect for holiday decorating and party throwing. Use it to display items, to decorate with, or even as a platter for party snacks!

christmas sleigh centerpiece DIY

Supplies used to make the Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece DIY:

  • Unfinished Wood Sled
  • Red paint
  • Gold Paint
  • Stencil
  • Gold Mason Jar
  • Mini Pine tree
  • Pine Cones
  • Decorative Vine
Paint the entire sled with red paint.  I used a vibrant red shade from Plaid Crafts.  I used nearly and entire bottle to cover the entire sled.  Let the paint dry completely.
Choose a scroll or floral stencil.  Tape it to the part of the sled you’d like to stencil.  I chose the center portion of the top of the sled, as well as the sides.
Dab gold paint over the stencil.  I used metallic gold paint from Plaid Crafts.  For best results, dip the foam pouncer in the gold paint, then tap it on your work surface to remove the excess paint.  Gently dab the pouncer over the stencil.
Move the stencil and repeat until you’ve achieved the desired design. Let the paint dry completely.
christmas sleigh centerpiece DIY
Decorate the top of the sled.  I started with a miniature pine tree, then added a gold mason jar with a battery operated candle inside.  I wrapped the two with a holiday berry strand, and filled in the gaps with pine cones.
christmas sleigh centerpiece DIY
The gold paint shines so brightly that it almost looks like gold leaf.  This elegant sled is the perfect centerpiece for the holidays. For more pretty holiday ideas, see my DIY pallet Christmas tree decor project. Have fun crafting and creating!
I originally published this project on the Walnut Hollow Blog as part of their design team.


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