This Rosé wine tag printable is perfect for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day. This is a sponsored post.Rosé Wine Tag Printable

This punny Rosé wine tag printable is both pretty and sweet. It would make a great gift for all your besties on Galentine’s day! Thanks to the easy to use printable wine tags from, you can quickly have your wine tags made. The printable card stock is pre-perforated so the tags separate very smoothly and cleanly. provides you with both a label designer you can use on their site or a template that you can download to use. I like to download the template and use my preferred editing program to make my tags. You can download my free Rosé wine tag printable  below. It’s made to fit the OL4425KW printable wine tags perfectly. All you have to do is print and fold!

Rosé Wine Tag Free Printable to Download for Personal Use

Download and save my printable. This is free for personal use and is not to be sold.

Print the entire image on OL4425 paper from I opted for white paper, but you can choose other colors, too.

Fold the paper on the perforated lines. The tags will separate very easily. No ragged or torn edges with these labels!

Rosé Wine Tag Printable

The size is perfect for wine bottles, and the circle is cut in a way that the tags will fit different size labels. You could even use these for miniature bottles or even soda bottles!

Rosé Wine Tag Printable

Aren’t they cute? This is such a quick and easy way to personalize a wine gift. These printable wine tags would be great for all kinds of parties and gift giving occasions.

For another fun and easy to do Valentine wine idea, check out my free printable wine labels! I have 4 different styles to choose from, and all you have to do is print and stick them on your favorite bottles!

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