This frog basket DIY is a cute project to make for Easter or for party favors. This is a sponsored post.

DIY frog Easter basket

With so many of us being home bound, DIY Easter baskets are a necessity! Grab an old basket or bucket and give it a makeover using felt fabric and adorable fabric cutting dies. I just love this sweet frog and dragonfly die set from Crafter’s Edge. I gave this one an Easter theme, but you could change it to make party favor buckets or unique basket for gift giving at birthday parties.

frog basket tutorial

Supplies Used for this Frog Basket DIY

Choose a basket that is at least 8-9 inches tall. Use hot glue to cover the basket with blue felt or blue fabric.

felt easter eggs

I had a felt Easter egg wreath kit on hand, so I cut the eggs out of the felt and used fabric glue to assemble them. You could simply cut ovals from felt and then embellish them with felt stripes and circles.

die cut frog

frog die cut

Cut the frog pieces from felt. I used my Crossover II with my Crafter’s Edge die to cut multiple pieces of felt in one swoop. The fabric die comes with the following pieces: head, legs, arms, outer and inner eye circles, tongue, dragonfly body, dragonfly wings.

DIY easter basket with felt

Start by using fabric glue to attach the felt eggs to the covered basket. Glue them around the bottom of the basket.

fabric felt frog DIY

Use fabric glue to assemble the frog’s body. Glue the frog body onto the basket, over the eggs or on top of an egg.

close up of frog basket DIY

Add the frog’s eyes and tongue using fabric glue.

Finally, glue on the dragonfly body and wings.

Felt Frog Basket Tutorial

This frog is just the cutest, isn’t it? I love the way this basket turned out. All I had left to do was fill it, and now it is ready for gift giving! This will be such a fun basket to give to one of my kids. Have fun crafting and creating with felt and fabric dies from Crafter’s Edge.


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