This magnetic paper dolls DIY is a fun way to encourage creative play and storytelling! This is a sponsored post.

magnetic paper dolls

Like a lot of other parents, I’m looking for new and inexpensive ways to keep my kids entertained at home. Creative play is wonderful way to help kids develop their storytelling skills while having fun. This magnetic paper dolls DIY is a durable activity that can be used for school and play. I’m also sharing my favorite story starter idea from my days as a classroom teacher!

DIY magnetic paper dolls

Supplies Used for the Magnetic Paper Doll DIY

xyron magnet laminate

I downloaded free printable paper dolls from the Graphics Fairy: the house that Jack built and fairy tale paper doll. You can find lots of different paper doll printables online.

magnet and laminate Xyron creative station

Roll the paper through the Xyron using the magnet laminate. Trim around the pieces to cut them out.

trim magnet paper

Cookie sheets are great to use as story boards, if you don’t have a magnet board at home.

story telling cards printable

For story starters, I use Xyron laminate on printed  cards with these words:

Somebody: a character (Little Red Riding Hood)

Wanted: the character’s desire (to bring her grandmother cookies)

But: the problem the character faces (the wolf got to the house first)

So: how the problem is solved (the woodcutter freed them)

magnet dolls for story telling

I use this system to teach kids how to write summaries for narrative stories. It’s an easy to follow way to tell what happened in a book or in a chapter using just one sentence.

This system works for story telling, too, with funny results. Let kids fill out each of the cards using a dry erase marker, then make 4 stacks. Pick a card from the “somebody” stack first and start the story. Give the character a name and describe them. The magnetic paper doll DIY can be used to “illustrate” the story as it’s being created. Follow up with a “wanted” card, then a “but” card and add more details and characters to the story board. Wrap up the story with a solution from a “so” card. The results from telling stories this way are often hilarious!

magnetic paper dolls DIY

Have fun making up stories with these activities! For more fun kids crafts, check out more kid friendly projects on my site.


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