Make a glitter vinyl favor box by recycling plastic salad containers. This is a sponsored post.

glitter vinyl box styletechcraft

Staying at home has encouraged me to go back to my roots of crafting with items found at home. I’ve been scavenging my recycle box for materials to make with, and I’ve been pleased to learn how easy plastic salad containers are to recycle! The plastic is easy to cut and pliable enough to use to craft with. I paired the plastic with translucent clear glitter vinyl from StyleTechCraft to make no mess party favor boxes!

recycle salad box

Supplies Used for Glitter Vinyl Favor Box Craft

glitter vinyl from styletechcraft

Cut the plastic edges off the salad container lid. Cut the Vinyl into stripes of varying sizes.

place vinyl on plastic

Peel and stick the vinyl strips onto the plastic sheet. I made a Fourth of July themed box. The fun things about making it yourself is that you can choose the colors that match the theme of your party!

die cut glitter favor boxes

Die cut the vinyl covered plastic sheet with the box die. I used my Crossover II to die cut.

vinyl favor boxes

The die cut vinyl covered plastic even retains the score lines, which makes it easy to assemble to favor box.

recycled salad boxes

Fold the pieces and fit them together. You can hot glue the tabs, but I just used some of the excess vinyl strips as tape to seal the edges.

styletechcraft glitter vinyl favor box diy

This adorable glitter vinyl favor box shimmers and shines without all the mess of craft glitter. I love getting the look of glitter without it shedding everywhere. The box is transparent so guests can see what’s inside, too.

glitter vinyl favor box tutorial

Just imagine all the different colors you can use to make favor boxes for your parties! Plus, you get to recycle while crafting. It’s a win-win!

make a clear gift box

I am a design team member for StyleTechCraft.

Trim the vellum around the vinyl to make the lampshade. Tape the edges of the vellum lampshade together using bits of the clear transfer tape. The transfer tape is so sheer you can’t even see it! Pop the groovy lampshades on the glasses and drop a battery operated tea light inside. When it's time to toast the new year guests can just remove the lampshades and lights.


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