This fabric butterfly frame DIY brings cheer and color to any space. This is a sponsored post.

make fabric butterfly frame

I’ve got butterflies on the brain! After discovering monarch caterpillars on our milkweed plants and watching them grow, my daughter and I resolved to build up our butterfly garden. We have filled our courtyard garden with native plants that will attract butterflies. It’s been a real treat to watch our new little friends flutter by.

make fabric butterflies

I wanted to capture the vibrance and delicate nature of butterflies by using fabric instead of paper. The beautiful butterfly die set from Crafter’s Edge made it easy to quickly create multiple fabric butterflies in no time at all.

Fabric Butterfly Frame DIY Supplies

stiffy fabric stiffener to make butterflies

Brush the fabric scraps with fabric stiffener and let them dry.

paint the frame

Paint the frame.

fabric die cut butterflies crafter's edge

Use the dies with your die cutting machine to cut the fabric.

crafter's edge fabric dies butterflies

The fabric dies can cut multiple layers of fabric at once, saving you a ton of time!

staple fabric to frame

Staple fabric to the back of the frame.

crafter's edge butterfly fabric die

Fold the butterflies so the wings “pop” up.

die cut fabric butterfly

The fabric stiffener helps the butterflies keep their shape. It also keeps the edges from fraying.

glue antennae to fabric butterfly

Use fabric glue to attach stiffened embroidery floss to the butterflies to create antennae.

butterfly photo frame tutorial

Arrange and then glue the butterflies to the frame. I love the way it looks as if they are flying! The fabric stiffener makes it possible to arrange the wings so the butterflies have dimension, instead of laying flat on the surface. Use small clothespins to attach pictures to the chicken wire frame. This whimsical piece will add lots of color and cheer to any space! Have fun crafting and creating fabric butterflies!


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