Pac-man family vinyl stickers really brighten up your car!

Pac-Man family vinyl stickers

I have written before about how I like to change the vinyl stickersvinyl stickers on my car often. Instead of a stick figure family, I like to make other fun interpretations of my family. We have been zombies, muppets, and other wacky characters. Now we are a Pac-Man family!

Pac-Man was one of the few arcade games I loved as a kid. I was more of a pinball machine girl than a video game kid,  but I was great at Pac-Man! Having four kids that my husband and I chase around everywhere made this the perfect way to represent our wacky family.

Pac-man car decals diy

I designed and made these stickers a few years ago. At that time I didn’t have all the colors I needed, so I used alcohol ink to make them. It was cute and the colors held up really well,  but they weren’t as vivid as I hoped for.

Pac-Man family stickers for your carI was cutting vinyl for a new project for StyleTechCraft and decided to cut a Pac-Man family vinyl decal set again. The beautiful, bright colors from the glossy vinyl line were perfect for making this project. If you want to make your own set, see my original Pac-Man family vinyl stickers tutorialPac-Man family vinyl stickers tutorial so you can download my Silhouette cutting file to make your own “family”. Have fun crafting and creating retro vinyl stickers for your car!


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