This tropical cake topper DIY is made using new die cuts from Maker’s Movement. Learn how easy it is to make a colorful cake topper. This is a sponsored post.

tropical cake topper tutorial

My daughter has a summer birthday, and we both love flamingos. I usually make her a cake for her party, and I like to make something special just for her. Usually I decorate a cupcake, but I found this cute little cake in the bakery department that was perfect for the birthday girl. I used fabulous new leaf shape die cuts from Maker’s Movement to quickly and easily make this tropical cake topper DIY.

tropical cake topper DIY

Tropical Cake Topper DIY Supplies

die cut cake topper

Die cut the leaves from cardstock in several different shades of green. I used my Crossover II die cutting machine (check out my review to see why it’s such a unique tool to have in your craft room!)

cake decor made with die cuts

I just love how the leaves look all jumbled up together! The variety of shapes and colors makes it look like a tropical forest already.

die cut leaves

Lay the leaves face down on your work surface. Dip the end of the toothpick in the adhesive bottle, and place the toothpick on the leaf. Let it dry.

make a tropical cake topper

I used a pre decorated cake from the store, so all I had to do was center my flamingo figurine on top and then surround it with all the beautiful leaves. I started out by inserting the shorter leaves behind the flamingo, then I worked my way to the back. All I had to do was angle and push the toothpick end into the cake. These leaves would make cute cupcake toppers, too! Have fun crafting and creating cake toppers using your favorite die cuts!



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