Make this punny creepy gift card holders for Halloween.

creepy cards tutorial

I love a good pun, and I’m crazy about Halloween. When I saw these creepy organ in mason jar graphics, I decided to have a little fun with them.

funny gift card holders for Halloween

I came up with silly phrases that matched each jar. So the heart jar pairs with “You have my heart” and the eyeball jar goes with “I only have eyes for you.” Yes, I’ve got bad mom jokes and I’m not afraid to use them!

creepy funny halloween tag

I scaled the printable down to a 4×6 card size so that I could put them on kraft envelopes. These envelopes are the perfect size for gift cards.

halloween gift card holders

I can slip a few coffee or store gift cards in these and treat my friends, while giving them a laugh at the same time. How often is someone going to get a card with a brain in a jar that says “I can’t get you out of my mind?”

heart in jar gift card holder

Creepy Gift Card Holders Supply List

Dymo Label Maker vintage

Use a label maker to spell out the phrases. Cut each word apart and stick them onto manila paper. Cut the words apart and ink the edges.

glossy accents on Halloween cards

Print the jars onto 4×6 paper and add liquid glass or something similar to give them a glass appearance. If you use an ink printer the ink will smear, but it make the items looks like they are under water. If you don’t want the ink to smear, use a laser printer or make a photocopy instead.

Xyron adhesive for Halloween crafts

I embossed my envelopes and glued the phrases on. Cut the hands off small skeletons (I used a pack from the dollar store, and glue them on with the jars in the hands.

funny creepy Halloween cards

Now your creepy Halloween gift card holders are ready for giving! Have fun creeping and crafting this Halloween!


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