Use these printable gift certificate templates to create your own business products at home! This is a sponsored post with

printable gift certificate templates

As more and more people shop online and send gifts instead of meeting in person, gift certificates have been in high demand! I was tickled to have people ask me if they could buy a gift certificate to my shop and realized I needed some gift certificates. I absolutely LOVE these printable post cards from, so I grabbed them and started designing some templates!

DIY gift certificates

Supplies for Printable Gift Certificate Templates Projects

templates for gift cards

One of the things I love about these cardstock postcards is the weight. You can print a load of color on both sides and the color doesn’t show through to the other side. The colors are always vibrant, and the paper is sturdy and holds up well to handling.

I used my laser printer to print the cards in black and white. Then I used DecoFoil sheets and ran the postcards through my laminator to add the foil to the parts where the black ink was. I LOVE the shine on these cards! They look so high-end now, but they are made at home! (For more details on how to add foil to your designs, check out this label project.)

print your own gift certificates

If you don’t want to mess with two sided printing, I also made a fun, colorful one-sided design. Click on the template link in the supply list above, and customize the gift certificate to your needs. You can add your own business name and contact info on the template form, then save it to print at home.

foil gift certificates

Have fun crafting and creating your own gift certificates with my free templates on the site! Click on the links in the supply list above to get started!

foil gift certificate DIY


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