Make a DIY creepy people lantern to decorate for Halloween!

DIY creepy people lantern

Hit those end of summer clearance sales to snatch up all the outdoor lanterns! They not only make beautiful decor, but they’re also fun to craft with. It’s easy to change out pictures or patterned paper to make the light fight your decor or the holiday you are celebrating.

spooky lights tutorial

Dollar Tree often has small battery operated lanterns, but the ones I used here are metal instead of plastic and a little sturdier. You might even have some old decor around your home that you can repurpose to make this with. The fun thing with using printable instead of found photos is that you can resize the images to fit whatever size lantern you have one hand.

creepy DIY lantern

DIY Creepy People Lantern Supplies

scary DIY lantern

The DIY creepy people lantern is super easy to make. Basically print, cut and assemble!

  1. Choose your images and use a photo editor to resize them to fit your lantern. Measure the glass panels to figure out what size you will need.
  2. Print the images on vellum paper.
  3. Trim the paper to fit the panels of the lantern.
  4. Disassemble to lantern to put the images behind the glass. Use clear tape on the edges of the printed portraits to hold the paper in place.
  5. Reassemble the lantern.
  6. Add a tea light to the lantern. I like to use flickering battery operated teal lights because they look like real fire, and the flickering makes the faces look even more spooky!

how to make a DIY creepy people lantern

That’s it! I like to place these around the sink in the guest bathroom with some other spooky decor to creep visitors out! These also make unexpected night lights, perfect for Halloween!


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