Use a variety of techniques to create this rustic chicken-wire storage.

Rustic Chicken-Wire Storage

I love to craft with unfinished wood products.  They can be finished and combined in lots of different ways to create one-of-a-kind pieces of home decor.  I decided to join the chicken wire window frame with a planter box to create a rustic chicken-wire storage piece.  This will be perfect for displaying and organizing small items!

Rustic Chicken-Wire Storage DIY

Rustic Chicken-Wire Storage Supplies Used

folk art chalk paint

Step one:  Paint the unfinished wood frame and the planter box with chalk paint. Let it dry.

light rust paint

Step two:  Brush the dark rust paint over the chicken wire portions of the frame and planter box.  Added bonus:  This will cover up any teal paint that you got on the wire!  Let it dry.

rust paint

Step three:  Brush the light rust paint (reddish color) on parts of the chicken wire.  I focused on the edges and corners.  Allow the paint to dry.

antique wax finish

Step four:  Brush the Antique Wax (it has a brown tint to it) on the edges and corners of the painted wood.  I like to put a small amount of the wax on a full brush, dab the excess wax off on a piece of scrap paper, and then brush it on.  You can use a cloth to wipe off any excess wax.

wax clear

Step five:  Seal the painted wood surfaces with wax.  Brush a light application on and let it dry.

wood glue

Step six:  Use wood glue to attach the planter box to the front of the window frame.  Let it dry completely before moving the shelf.

DIY Rustic Chicken-Wire Storage

Have fun crafting and creating rustic decor for your home!


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