Make a die cut flower bouquet for yourself or to give a friend. This is a sponsored post with Maker’s Movement.

The exciting thing about die cuts is that they are so versatile. Of course, you can use them for papercrafts, like cards and scrapbooks. But they can also be used to create stencils, to cut vinyl, to cut fabric, and even to make sweet decor! That’s what I did with this project. This beautiful new Roses Die Set from Maker’s Movement may look delicate, but it’s perfect for making a paper flower bouquet.

die cut flower bouquet

Die Cut Flower Bouquet Supplies

paper flowers

  1. Start by wrapping the wood skewers with floral tape. If you need to shorten them, cut them before you wrap them.
  2. Die cut the roses from the red paper. Cut two of each shape.
  3. Die cut leaves from the green cardstock paper. Gently curl them back to make them look more realistic.
  4. Fold the die cut roses in half. Hot glue one half to the covered skewer, then hot glue the second half to the other side. This makes the flowers look more dimensional.
  5. Hot glue two leaves under each flower.
  6. Fill the glass container with the shaker sprinkles. Add the die cut flower stems to the “vase”.
  7. Finish off the die cut flower bouquet with a red ribbon tied around the glass container.

I love the sweet simplicity of this paper bouquet, and it was so quick to make. I have my die cut flower bouquet sitting next to my computer, to add some color and Valentine cheer to my workspace.

die cut paper flowers in vase

These would also be a cute way to quickly decorate for a class party, liven up a teacher workroom, or just to surprise someone with. Have fun crafting and creating decor using paper and dies!


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