I love to create my own wall art, and it’s easy and affordable to do. You don’t have to be an artist or own expensive equipment to create your own wall decor. I combined inexpensive glittered iron-on transfers with fabric squares to create pretty, glittery wall art.

glittery wall art

Glittery Wall Art Supplies

  • Woden Embroidery hoops, 6 inch
  • Darice Wood Quilting Hoop, 14 inches
  •  Iron-on Transfers with designs of your choosing
  • Gold Metallic Paint
  • Gold Glitter Paint
  • Fabric
  • Darice Sparkle Tape:  Gold

Step one: Separate the hoops and just paint the outer hoops. Paint one base application of gold paint. Let it dry.

Step two: Paint the hoops with multiple applications of gold glitter paint. The more layers you add, the heavier and thicker the glitter finish will be. I applied 4 layers of glitter paint.

Step three: Use the unpainted hoops to measure and cut the desired fabric.

Step four: Place the desired transfer onto the fabric, and press on the image with an iron set to high. When the plastic cover has cooled, carefully peel the cover sheet back to reveal the beautiful gold lettering and designs.

Step five: Place the image transferred fabric on the unpainted hoop and center it. Slide the painted hoop over the fabric and tighten the top. Trim off the excess fabric.

Step six: Cut strip of the gold glitter tape and fold the centers into the middle of the tape. Use a small strip of tape to make the center of the bow and to hold it together. Glue the bow onto the top of the hoop.

hoop wall art tutorial

These glittery hoops make perfect wall art for a girl’s room or a powder room! Since the hoops open so easily, you can easily change the fabric and images whenever you like. Have fun crafting and creating wall art with embroidery hoops!

embroidery hoop wall art


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